Swimming Pool Service

Owning a swimming pool can be a fancy idea and is a great way to relax in privacy after a hectic day. But to maintain it and keep it clean, sparkling and ready to use is a hard task if you don’t attend to it regularly. Unhygienic pools can not only be unpleasant but also can cause serious diseases. So if you own a pool, make it a habit to take proper measures to keep in sanitized very often. Here are some great tips to keep your pool clean.

Check for chemical levels

This should be your top priority when it comes to maintaining your swimming pool. This is also the easiest way as with the right chemicals sprayed on time, your pool is sanitized well. Check for proper chemicals every once or twice a week and this will make your water crystal clear. The best way to monitor and maintain the proper chemical level is through Chlorine and Ph. While Chlorine tends to kill all the germs and bacteria, Ph level decides the acidity level of the water. Water testing kits can help you do all this and they are readily available in the market for you to purchase.


It is the pool filter that removes minute dirt and debris. So, it is important to ensure that your filter system is maintained clean. You are able to clean it by letting the water flow in the opposite direction of the filter. This will avoid water appearing too cloudy or discolored.

Skim Regularly

The best method to prevent debris depositing in your pool is to skim as often as possible. This will prevent excessive dirt in the pool and will avoid a lot of hassle. Large particles are much easier to remove while it is on the surface because even the filter system will be unable to remove them once they sink. You can use a hand skimmer which is a large net to remove leaves, insects other forms of dirt floating on the surface.

If a swimming pool is not cleaned regularly it can cause excessive mess causing unnecessary additional cost at the end. However, if you follow these simple tips to keep the pool clean and continue it on a regular basis you can maintain an attractive pool for a longer period without experts guide.


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